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Redskins say good-bye to Laron Landry and Donte Stallworth. London Fletcher next?

The handwriting was on the wall with this one. LaRon Landry signed a one year, $4 million deal with the New York Jets for the 2012 NFL season. The Washington Redskins left Landry unprotectedLaRon Landry when they applied the franchise tag to a healthier Fred Davis.

Joe Gibbs added the first round 2007 Draft pick to the roster to pair him with the late Sean Taylor to force more “coverage sacks.” We saw glimpses of what might have been that season, but it came to an abrupt end in November with Taylor’s death at the hands of home invaders.

To Redskins fans, Landry will be forever linked to Taylor’s memory. To cold-eyed front office executives, Landry was a roster liability. Landry appeared in 17 games over the last two seasons. He ended both 2010 an 2011 on injured reserve. He was following an unconventional treatment to rehabilitate his hamstring and Achilles tendon.

Landry or his backers released snapshots that exposed a buff torso that would impress Clark Kent. His legs were the question, however. 

Landry was the leading vote getter in 2010 Pro Bowl fan polls before his mid-season injury. The Jets are willing to take the risk the Redskins would rather avoid.

ESPN Boston reports that Redskins free agent receiver Donte Stallworth will join the New England Patriots for the 2012 season.

Stallworth caught two touchdown passes on 22 receptions for the Redskins. Stallworth played for the Patriots in 2007.

The move is no surprise. Washington signed new receivers in the first hours of free agency last Tuesday. Dan Graziano called the fact that they did that while retaining Rex Grossman “a searing indictment” of the receiving corps in his ESPN NFC East blog post over the weekend.

No word yet on London Fletcher’s return to the roster. Although healthier than Landry, Fletcher is 37 years old. He is a stalwart in Washington’s defense and annually tops the league charts in tackles. The rest of the NFL world seems unimpressed. Fletcher never makes the Pro Bowl in his own right. He appeared as an alternate in the past two seasons.

If Fletcher is testing the market, then the league-wide disrespect of him may work in Washington’s favor. No one loves Fletcher more than the Redskins do and they may not offer as much to join their team.