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Redskins sign RG3. DC exhales

Robert Griffin III signs
The Washington Redskins signed Robert Griffin III to a four-year, fully guaranteed $21.11 million contract that includes a $13 million signing bonus according to news outlets and to the man himself.

A fully guaranteed deal means the contract does not contain offset language believed to be the negotiation hold-up for nine of the year’s top 11 Draft picks. With an offset, teams that release a player get a refund of the salary owed to the player equaling that paid by the new team. Thus, the new salary offsets what the old team owes

They pay agents and GMs to work through this minutia. Sometimes it just takes a little extra time.

Griffin is in the DC area and launches his career as savior of Redskins football when he joins the team for rookie camp this week.

NOW, if RG3 is a “no-show” at rookie camp, he may be labelled a hold-out. I don’t see why the team would let him out of the building today.

When Joe Gibbs returned to Washington that cold January 2004 day, his very name became Washington’s new battle cry. It didn’t last beyond mid-season. “R-G-3” IS the new Redskins battle cry. If the team is over .500 at the Bye, things will be over the top around here. 

The new fight song ~

HAIL to the Redskins.
Braves on the warpath
WIN for ol’ DC