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Redskins Training Camp Report, Day 5: RGHindsight, RGGazelle, everybody loves puppies

File this under “Hindsight is 20-20.” Redskins’ president and GM Bruce Allen says rushing Robert Griffin back as a starter in 2013 was not only bad for the player and the team, but was disrespectful to the whole sport.

There are far too many places to go with this one and already too many words spent on the topic. Nobody would disagree…now. Back then, Allen was not president. If he voiced those concerns, nobody important listened. The “All in for Day 1” campaign was irresistible. The inmate ran the asylum.

We learn more from our mistakes than our successes. Every decision Allen has made appears to draw upon lessons from 2013. They may not be the right decisions, but it should not lead to the same mistakes.

Ace Wide receiver Pierre Garcon tweaked his hamstring while going out for a pass and decided to sit out practice. “There’s no real need to keep playing through it right now, early in the season. Just got to be smart and get it healed up.”

There is no better time to tweak a hamstring than the beginning of training camp.

Rick Snider says Robert Griffin III is running like a gazelle. Success for the Redskins hinges on Griffin’s running like it’s 2012, says Snider.

Hog Heaven agrees, to a point. We would like to see RG throw for half as many TD scores as rushing attempts on the season. Sixty rushing attempts to 30 TD passes has a nicer ring than last year’s performance of 86 rushing attempts to 16 TD passes…and 12 INTS with 1 fumble lost.

DeSean Jackson is selling prized American Bully puppies at training camp for the bargain price of $1,200 each. The Bully is a boutique breed, though is can also be applied to a cross between an American Bulldog and a Pit Bull.


Jackson ignited a social media firestorm after saying Redskins fans were better than Eagles fans because they support their players instead of, you know, booing them like Iggles fans are famous for doing.

The detail is not new news, only that fact that Jackson said it makes it newsworthy. A few weeks ago, Jackson said he hated the Redskins when he played for the Eagles. ‘Skins fans forgave that. DJax does not know us all that well. Let him drop the winning touchdown pass in an Eagles or Cowboys game and watch what happens then.

Brandon Meriweather is still going with the high hits. He knows he must change and the Redskins are trying to help him.

If the Redskins had better alternatives, Brandon would likely not be here. Suspension is as big a risk as coverage with this guy.

Tarik El-Bashir reports that the Redskins expect big things this year from CB David Amerson. Amerson says playing across from Pierre Garcon and tutoring by DeAngelo Hall has been an immense help.

So, Garcon’s hamstring tweak hurts the defense, too.

People are selling free tickets to next weeks training camp practices when the Patriots will be in Richmond. DC Sports Bog has the story here.

Ryan Clark said WHAT?

Clark is impressed with the Redskins’ secondary and they seem as impressed by Clark. Brandon Meriweather says, “He’s the first vet that I have played with in a long time that can actually teach me something and somebody that I can actually learn from. I actually (have) been following him around like I’ve been a rookie.”

Come to think of it, there has not been a veteran safety leader that Meriweather could draw from unless you count Reed Doughty or Tanard Jackson. Wait a minute. The Redskins expected Meriweather to BE that veteran safety leader.  

The Redskins have Tuesday off after practicing in pads over the weekend.