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Redskins vs. Cowboys 8-step success formula

Redskins RB Roy Helu, Jr.

After we get past the ethnic cleansing 'Cowboys' name (certainly the most offensive NFL team name to a real Indian), let's do some quick hitters on how the Redskins can win.

1) Kyle Shanahan needs to assume the Redskins cannot convert on 3rd down, especially the first half.  We need to see 1st and 2nd down play calling that assumes 2 shots and that's it.

2) Kyle needs to make use Roy Helu Jr. on screens and TEs Niles Paul, Jordan Reed (longer routes are needed), and Logan Paulsen (if he plays) more in his play calling. (Editor's note: How quickly has Fred Davis dropped from relevance. )

3) Kyle needs to have RG3 prepared for heavy blitzing up the middle with proper play call adjustment options.

4) Haz should activate Gumbs as safety, the bone crusher.  Let him out of his cage.  One hit and Miles Austin is out for the game.

5)  London Fletcher needs to bench himself for more than 10 plays this game.

6)  Haz should experiment with David Amerson on Dez Bryant to see if his length will help.  Hall did a great job on Beasly in the slot and should be moved around in his coverage.

7)  Burns needs to provide some blocking for Chris Thompson to have a chance at a return.  Thompson needs to make the first guy miss and go straight up field.  I think people are missing how horrific special teams blocking has been when they criticize Thompson.

8) The Redskins defense has to assume the Redskins offense will be anemic yet again and therefore the defense must force turnovers.  Turnovers were almost non-existent in the pre-season and the heavy emphasis on better tackling may have led the defense to forget their formula for winning last season – turnovers.

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