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Redskins vs. The Giants and The Chiefs: An Astrological Analysis!

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The NFL season is well past the half-way mark and these last few weeks are crucial for locking up those playoff bids and tickets to the postseason party. Though the Redskins have not had the most promising season thus far, their divisional competitors may still leave the door wide open, enabling any team with the will to win to climb their way to the top of the NFC East. 

Week 13- Redskins vs. Giants

Led by second year Quarterback Robert Griffin III, the Skins always have amazing athletic ability on their side. Griffin’s shoulders carry a big burden, and although his performance has not reached its true potential just yet, the rest of the season just may be the tell-tale sign as to whether or not he will flourish as one of the league’s best.  Matching his mixed bag of tricks against the Giants lackluster and injured defensive attack could prove to push Griffin atop the fantasy rankings for Week 13.

Griffin is an Aquarius, which is clear through his inventive acts on the offensive side of the ball. When the defense rushes the line, RG3 has the ability to scramble down the field and make spectacular plays out of failed offensive assignments. Aquarius is considered one of the most rebellious and free-spirited signs of the zodiac, so don’t expect Griffin to always color inside the lines–especially when things aren’t going the Redskins way’.  The critics and the fans have expected a lot from this young man, and it is only in his control to overpower the Giants’ fairly young and limited defense.  The Redskins will take the field under the lights during the Week 13 divisional match-up and look to propel themselves forward to take the division and momentum into the post-season.

Prediction: Redskins 27, Giants 17

Week 14- Redskins vs. Chiefs

The Chiefs have taken the cake as the NFL’s shocker team, and continue to up-end every team in their path. Throughout the first 10 weeks of the NFL season the Chiefs have been flawless. Led by their new Pisces Head Coach Andy Reid (formerly the long-time coach of the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999-2012), the Chiefs look mighty hard to stop on both sides of the ball. Reid has adapted to the new coaching position in perfect fashion, a clear strength of his moon sign. His devotion to his new home, city and team has not come alone, and similar to most water-signs–particular Pisces– he has relied on another member of the team to lean on as a crutch to boost the Chiefs to the front of the division.  

Quarterback Alex Smith was dusted of his starting position on the 49ers last season and has turned a completely new leaf this season. Smith is a Taurus, and remains determined and persistent to keep fighting to the top. His patient offensive attack has allowed his teammates to become confident in his abilities to drive down the field and map out week-by-week strategies.

The combination of these two, whom were both relieved of their positions on former teams has turned the Chiefs into a well-oiled machine, that will ask RG3 and the Redskin offense to perform their best if they want Week 14 to turn their way.

Prediction: Redskins 14- Chiefs 33

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