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Redskins: What went down in that sideline conversation between Kirk Cousins and Scot McCloughan

I have taken the liberty to fill in the gaps from the now infamous exchange between Redskins QB Kirk Cousins and Redskins GM Scot McCloughan.

Kirk (after Packers game):  Do you like me now!

Scot:  I like how you played today.  But realize this is the first time all year you have hit long passes.


Kirk:  I was throwing dime after dime against the wind in the cold!  That’s more than just hitting a few long passes in a game.

Scot:  You are getting over excited about it, and a big part of my concern is your temperament.  You crumbled under the pressure at the beginning of last year of being the starting the QB, and this year you crumbled under the pressure of being in a contract “prove it” year.  It seems like if I sign you, I’m guaranteeing this team starts 1-3 each year.  Next you are going to crumble under the pressure of a big money deal.

Kirk: I can be calm and confident, really!  How’s this, (says softly) “You like that?!”

Scot:  That’s better, but I want consistency in temperament and making the big tight throws WHEN IT REALLY COUNTS.  You are surrounded by immense talent and a QB friendly scheme that makes your job easier.

Kirk:  Well now is the first time I can actually drop back without my center sitting in my lap in under 2 seconds.

Scot:  Yes, Long is a big boost for you.  Another example of how we are surrounding you with talent.  If I pay you too much and must cut that talent, how can I be sure you will make up for the loss of some of the pieces around you that bail you out?

Kirk:  That’s your job.  My job is to point out if you let me go, the Redskins could be the next Panthers after letting Norman go.