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RG Oh and Three

Let's call it now that we can clearly see it in retrospect – last year's 7 in a row win streak was a sports miracle.  A mediocre to bad team inspired by the hope of a new day with a new athletic QB somehow pulled together and beat teams with better players and coaches than they had.  That's really hard to do in the NFL.

Now comes the hangover.

So does RG3 = false messiah?

He wasn't terrible in the Lions game.  He just made two stupid decisions (throw to avoid sack in bounds, head first slide) that cost 14 points, and he continues to make throws just a tad bit off timing around 25% of the time including the Robinson bomb (Robinson had to slow way down).

It's going to be tough for RG3 to mature fast enough to get through this molasses.  What makes it even more difficult is that RG3's peers – Luck and Wilson – are going to far surpass his season this year in terms of team success if not individual stats.  For someone that beat them for the Heisman AND for Rookie of the Year AND in endorsement money, that has got to be tough.

The triple whammy of the lost first round picks, the cap penalty and recovering QB are just far more difficult to overcome than any of us expected.  

Once the Redskins get into reality and realistic expectations, they have a chance to move forward.  But if the Redskins continue to think or act like they are the favorites to win the NFC East, etc., I expect their turnaround to take much longer.

I've been saying this for a while now in this column.  This is not a great football team.  It's a mediocre team that can be inspired or deflated.  Right now it's deflated.

The Redskins need a boost, a reason for hope, a reason for fighting.  I don't know what it is and if it will come this season at all. And with the loss of hope of a first round pick next year, this team is in danger of disintegrating.

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