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RGIII will have a successful year if…

He shows he has the makings of a leader of men instead of a momma’s boy. Master adversity instead of cracking under it.


He proves the Shanahans were wrong about whatever it was they said about him. (This line suggested by Mike Jones of the Washington Paper.)


In an age when Peyton Manning throws for 55 touchdowns, anything less than 30 scores by RG is insufficient.


Griffin is a dual threat quarterback. He must run, but his runs must be in proportion to his scores. Hog Heaven looks for a 2:1 ratio of rushing plays to TDs scored. Thus, if 30 scores is a target, then 60 rushing attempts is the most we hope to see this season. By implication, RG should have no more than 15 turnovers to keep this ratio in balance. Turnovers include fumbles lost. With RG, one must factor fumbles.

The coaching staff has its own metrics for Griffin. They won’t tell you what they are. We think this ratio of 2:1:.5 is a good way to track Griffin’s pocket presence and his efficiency as a passer.

NFL quarterbacks go down when they have rushed for a first down. No one has to be around them, just stop, drop and roll, or get out of bounds. It is the one position in football where it is okay to do that. Opposing defenses want RG to run. They can lay a legal hit on him when he runs.


Throwing the ball away is a pro ready skill. Embrace it.


Master the Gruden offense quickly. Griffin would have looked sharper in the Shanahan offense. Three years of repetition is invaluable. He is learning that lesson about being careful what you wish for. (You might get it.) There is the one about reaping what you sow, too.


Study Kirk Cousins. Cousins spent his entire college career in a pro style offense. Movement and concepts come easy to him. So, pick his brain. Think as Cousins thinks.


Spend time with quarterback guru Terry Shea during the BYE week (Week 10). Shea pronounced Griffin 100 percent healthy during the offseason. (RG no longer makes pronouncements on his health, thankfully.) Shea said his mechanics and release points were back to what they were in 2012. Yet, Ron Jaworski says RG’s passing mechanics have regressed in the fundamentals of throwing the ball. Griffin was not crisp in preseason games and I don’t know whom to believe. I shall believe Shea because…I want to.

The Redskins do not have a QB position coach. Jay Gruden fills the void. I doubt he spends time on the mechanics. I hope I am wrong.


I expect the offense to carry Griffin through October. That’s a twist on what fans think. The receivers and rushers are better at what they are doing than Griffin is right now. That will change. Until it does, the offense carries Griffin, the happier we all shall be.


Does newly signed safety Duke Ihenacho remain on the roster when Brandon Meriweather returns from suspension? Or, are the Redskins done with Meriweather?