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Richard Crawford – The Redskins’ other turnover machine

Redskins DB Richard Crawford
News out of camp has been that Richard Crawford is lighting it up.  I have been a huge fan of his potential from day one and can hardly contain my excitement.

A healthy Crawford has to be better than an injured Josh Wilson is at this point.  Wilson had a serious injury and I would be surprised if Crawford was NOT the starting CB opposite DeAngelo Hall at least to start the season while Wilson fully heals.  It appears they are testing out E.J. Biggers as #3 and trying all three cornerbacks in the slot and on the outside.

Crawford, like fellow SMUrf (SMU Redskin) Aldrick Robinson – soon to be Garcon Jr. (mark my words) – had been fairly ignored except as a punt returner last season.  At the end of the season when Cedric Griffin was suspended, Crawford saw some playing time at cornerback.  Not sure of the totals, but I believe he played less than eight full quarters.  In that period, Crawford had an interception and a fumble recovery.  I realize the sample size is too small, but to project that out to a season, that's 16 turnovers a season.

Everyone is talking about Rambo, Amerson and Thomas being interception and ball stripping kings, but let's not forget to include Crawford and D. Hall in the turnover king conversation.

D. Hall will do well with good safeties and a pass rush.  Crawford will excel as well and will generate turnovers.  With the likely opening game backfield of D. Hall, Crawford, Biggers, Meriweather and Pugh/Rambo, we are in for some action in the backfield.  The secondary will be turnover focused (with the exception of Biggers who will not likely get more than 1-2 interceptions the entire year). 

A good pass rush is the secret ingredient for this kind of backfield to excel.  If the rookie safeties can get it together early (that's not easy), the Redskins may have a top 10 defense this year.

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