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Robert Griffin III and Jay Leno mix it up on late night TV

RG3's Catch Your Dream soxIs there anyone left who doesn’t like Robert Griffin III after his appearance on the Jay Leno Show Thursday evening?

The man showed grace and wit as though he’s done Leno a hundred times before last night.

RG3 revealed a little more about his character in his answers to Leno’s questions.

What single play does he believe clinched the Heisman Trophy for him? Griffin thinks that Baylor’s 31-30 overtime win against Kansas turned the trick. (Griffin: 312 Yds, 3 TDs, 1 Int).

Leno’s staff expected Griffin to credit the Oklahoma game, Baylor’s first win over the Sooners. They rolled video of Griffin’s final touchdown pass of the day, a 34-yard beauty that broke a 38-38 tie with eight seconds to go. Griffin accounted for 551 yards total offense and four touchdown passes.

Full game Baylor-OU video found here

What did he do the night he won the Heisman? Griffin treated all of the Heisman candidates to dinner.

How did he propose to his fiancé? He told her they were going to a celebration, the escorted her to the empty football stadium, presumably Baylor’s. He never said. Both his and her family were stationed at midfield holding candles. He flew her family down for the occasion. He sang her a song that he composed.

(Man, this bro’ is making it tougher on the rest of us men. Someone has to speak with him about that.)

What will he do with his first paycheck? Buy a bed and two massage chairs. One for him. One for her.

Griffin came to the show bearing gifts, pairs of sox that he is becoming known for. He gave one to Leno and another to guest star Hugh Laurie (House), whom Griffin addressed as “Mr. Hugh.” 

Leno brought up Griffin’s sox that reminded me (uncomfortably) of Clinton Portis’ costumed characters. 

Among friends, Griffin is known for beat boxing, percussion sound effects made by mouth. I get the sense it will be a factor in his rookie hazing with the Redskins. 

Way to represent for Old DC, RG3. The Redskins organization is going to love this guy.