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Robert Griffin III and Redskins defense don’t fold against Vikings

I am making myself wait eight games before calling for the Redskins to extend Robert Griffin III's rookie contract. Lets call this a preview of that announcement. He already deserves it, don't you think?

I don't hear or read anyone saying the Redskins gave up too much for him. Do you?

RGIII outrushed Adrian Peterson. ADRIAN PETERSON.

He made near as many yards (138) rushing as he did passing (182). He twice as many touchdowns running (2) as he did passing.

Kyle Shanahan was true to his word. He said he would not call plays differently after Griffin suffered traumatic brain injury (concussion) last week. The Vikings game plan called for more runs than it did against Atlanta. Now because it worked so well, the Redskins won't need to run so much against the Giants.


The 3-3 Redskins could be tied for division first place if they beat the Giants next week. Let that thought sink in.

For all the glory that goes to Griffin III, the defense stepped it up, too. Defending is easier when you play from a lead. Griffin helps that, too. Madieu Williams found a measure of redemption with his pick-six of Christian Ponder. The Vikings cut him. He wanted to prove something. There were others.

CB David Jones and S Jordan Pugh saw action today. We linked their name to their Redskins bio page, because most of us have no idea who they are. After reading their bio, I still have no idea who they are.

I am impressed by Vikings QB Christian Ponder who made the year-to-year improvement I hope to see from both of Washington's rookie quarterbacks.

ESPN.com recap – Redskins 38, Vikings 26.

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