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Robert Griffin III has something in common with Sammy Baugh: Texas

Robert Griffin III, Sammy Baugh Birthplaces

Robert Griffin III is not a Redskin yet, but he is already the face of Washington, DC, sports. How do we know? Because on the morning after the Washington Capitals took a 3-2 lead in the NHL Playoffs against the Boston Bruins, the print editions of The Washington Post ran a front-page story on RG3, continued on pages A10-11.

No one in print has used the words, “savior of Redskins football,” yet, but there are still four days between now and NFL Draft Day this Thursday. Plenty of time to go overboard.

You won’t read those words here on Hog Heaven either. (Oh, snap. you already have.) Your HH writers have been adamant that a single player, even a quarterback, cannot assure team success. We accept that the quarterback is the most important player on a football team, but only two or three times as important as any other single players. It will always take 10 players for one player to score.

We are analytics here. We deal in facts. On the Sunday before the 2012 NFL Draft, we gladly note the fact that Griffin III now lives 36 miles from where ‘Skins great Sammy Baugh was born, roughly the distance between FedEx Field and Baltimore.

Call it a good omen. We share the widespread view that RG3 is possibly a transcendent player, like Baugh, who may change how the position is played.

Such success is to be seen, not assumed. The real work begins the day after the Draft.

Point after

There are RG3 fans who will have a hard time rooting for him in a burgundy jersey. There are (a few) Redskins fans who will have a hard time accepting a quarterback born so close to Dallas. Word to both sides, get over it.

Link to online version of WaPOST feature story – NFL Draft: Robert Griffin III embarks on pro career, and Washington Redskins fans await