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Robert Griffin III makes the cut at No. 15 on Top 100 list

Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

It’s the moment Redskins fans have been waiting for. Robert Griffin III was ranked 15th in the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2013. Griffin is the fourth Redskins player named to the 2013 list, capping Washington’s best showing in these fluff pieces.

The trend, however, reflects growing esteem for Washington’s talent. In 2011, Donovan McNabb was the only Redskins player on the list. He was ranked the NFL’s 100th-best player. Players ignored that McNabb was busted to third on the depth chart before the end of the 2010 season behind Rex Grossman and John Beck, neither of whom were named to the list. McNabb moved on the greater absurdity in Minnesota.

The players got something right in 2012 when they voted London Fletcher to the list at No. 87. Fletcher was the only Redskins player to make the 2012 list. He moved up a notch to No. 86 going on the 2013 ranking.

The NFL Network revealed players ranked 100 to 11 through yesterday. The final 10 players will be announced on the program next Thursday, June 27.

Here are the local heroes who made the 2013 list so far.

#15 – Robert Griffin III, QB

#64 – Alfred Morris, RB

#86 – London Fletcher, ILB

#99 – Trent Williams, LT

Fan reaction tagged RGIII overrated at No. 15. That is not the sentiment of Redskins fans. Fans considered Morris, Fletcher and Williams underrated at their ranking.

Playerss ranked Griffin ahead of quarterbacks Andrew Luck (23), Eli Manning who may be under-rated at No. 43, Russell Wilson (53) and Colin Kaepernick (81). Drew Brees ranked ahead of Griffin at No. 11. 

Eleven quarterbacks are ranked so far. Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers have yet to make the list, but are certain to be among the ten players to be named next week.

Ten rushing backs were named to the list. Of the 2012 rookies, players ranked Doug Martin ahead of Morris at No. 57 and Trent Richardson ranked behind at No. 71. Hog Heaven did not pay much attention to Martin. The players did not pay enough attention to Morris.

Brian Orakpo and Pierre Garcon are logical Redskins candidates to make the Top 100, but I do not expect any other members of Washington's roster to be named. Nothing helps a player's rank better than frequent playoff appearances.

Coaches and scouts do not vote. Only active players vote. Players and fans are overly influenced by recency (made-up word). Players who are top of mind get the votes.

Albert Haynesworth joined the Redskins as the No. 1 player of the 2009 season according to a similar player poll. That should tell you everything you need to know about these things. What happened last year offers no guarantee about this year.

Rankings and fantasy projections are how football-deprived fans occupy their time while waiting for the opening of NFL training camps and real news.

These lists are empty calories. They are fun and it's not like there is anything else to do.    

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