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Roll Tide Again For Chris Samuels

chris samuelsBCS Champion Alabama Crimson Tide recruited Chris Samuels for a second run in his college career, this time as the assistant offensive line coach on Nick Saban’s staff. WaPOST’s Mike Jones broke the story on The Insider yesterday.

Samuels, a fan favorite and six-time Pro Bowler for the Washington Redskins, was named a first team All-America and first team All-SEC selectee for the Crimson Tide. He won the 1999 Outland Trophy presented annually to the best college offensive lineman.

“I learned a lot from the Redskins and the Shanahans,” Samuels added. “They taught me a lot about how to shift different personnel groupings in, setting up plays, different concepts in the passing game…I thought it would be easy to do all that, but it’s not….Now to go up to Alabama, they’re very successful coaches, and coach Saban is one of the hot coaches around. It’s definitely going to be a blessing for me.”

Shanahan and Saban? Not Gibbs and Bugel?

Gibbs and Buges link to Samuels’ playing days. Samuels spent the 2010 season as a coaching intern on Mike Shanahan’s staff. Samuels has said that he would like to make a career of coaching. If he wants to coach in the NFL, he should make the jump to the pros early. College football and pro football are the same sport, but they are not the same game.

Samuels and Saban yesterday visited Shanahan and the Redskins’ coaching staff at the practice for the South team in the 2012 Senior Bowl.

Future Redskins head coach candidate?

It worked for Russ Grimm. Oh. Wait. No it didn’t.