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Russ Grimm, Jason Campbell Named Ex-Redskins Of The Week
LOS ANGELES - OCTOBER 29:  Offensive linebacker Russ Grimm #68 of the Washington Redskins sits on the sideline during a game against the Los Angeles Raiders on October 29, 1989 at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. The Raiders won 37-24. (Photo by Mike Powell/Getty Images)



Ex-Redskin Of The Week: Russ Grimm, Hall Of Fame Class Of 2010, 70 Greatest Redskins, Redskins Ring Of Honor.
No matter how many passes Brandon Lloyd caught this week, there could only be one candidate for Ex-Redskin Of The Week: the incomparable Russ Grimm, founding member of The Hogs offensive line in the golden age of Joe Gibbs. Grimm was the Redskins’ third round selection in the 1981 NFL Draft out of the University Of Pittsburgh. With Joe Jacoby, Jeff Bostic, Mark May and George Starke, Grimm formed the most dominant offensive line unit in modern pro football. The unit gained fame as The Hogs, the colorful pet name used by offensive line coach Joe Bugel to motivate them. The Hogs were the perfect fit for Joe Gibbs’ muscular version of the Coryell Downfield Offense system. Gibbs favored ball control with a punishing ground game and possession receiving, supplemented by judicious long-range scoring strikes. The Hogs propelled Joe Gibbs, John Riggins and Art Monk into the NFL Hall Of Fame.

Grimm appeared in four Super Bowls with the Redskins, winning three of them. He joined the Redskins coaching staff after spending his entire playing career (1981-’91) with the team. He was named offensive line coach in 1997 and helped launch the playing careers of tackles Jon Jansen and Chris Samuels.

Grimm was swept out in the coaching purge of 2000. He joined the coaching staff of his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers. Joe Gibbs upon his return to the Redskins inquired about signing Grimm to his staff in 2004. Steelers coach Bill Cowher retained Grimm by promoting him to assistant head coach. Gibbs had offered that position and title to Gregg Williams. Grimm earned his fourth Super Bowl ring with the 2005 Steelers. He appeared in his sixth Super Bowl with the Arizona Cardinals after the NFL 2008 season. Ironically, the Cardinals faced the Steelers.

Some speculate that Grimm’s Hall Of Fame acceptance speech would reignite his prospects as a head coach candidate.

Russ Grimm Hall Of Fame Ring Ceremony at FedEx Field on You Tube

Ex-Redskin Of The Weak: Jason Campbell, Quarterback, Oakland Raiders
The only constant about Jason Campbell is inconsistency. Just last week, RHH named him Player Of The Week for coming off the bench to lead the Raiders to an upset win over Norv Turner’s San Diego Chargers. On Sunday, Campbell started for injured Bruce Gradkowski as the Raiders fell to the previously winless San Francisco 49ers. Campbell worked hard to reach journeyman quarterback status. He’s not bad enough to be truly bad, but nowhere near expectations for a first round draft pick.

Campbell led the Raiders to the 49er nine and 12 yard line on Oakland’s first two possessions. Neither drive ended with touchdowns. Two incomplete passes closed the first drive. The Raiders didn’t even let Campbell pass to close the second drive, opting for three straight Michael Bush runs instead.

This would be the time for Campbell to go mano-a-mano with the coaching staff about play selection. That goes against Campbell’s public persona, to his detriment. Campbell cannot speak from a position of strength when his 21 pass attempts yields 83 yards and two interceptions. Even by Raider standards, that’s sad.

Oakland’s loss had more to do with the defense than with Campbell. But Campbell isn’t a guy who can carry a weak team no matter how hard he tried, and he tries hard. As a Campbell fan, I hoped for a better showing, if only to tweak Dan Snyder’s nose. Instead, Campbell is bound for the same career track as Patrick Ramsey, invisible in the NFL.