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Schefter Bombshell – NFL removes $36 million of Redskins’ salary cap

The NFL threw the Washington Redskins for a loss by removing $36 million in salary cap for the way the team front-loaded players’ contracts during the 2010 uncapped year.Roger Goodell

This bombshell comes on the eve of the NFL 2012 League Year when teams open negotiations for free agent players. Washington was thought to be a big mover in this market. In fact, fans counted on that.

Hold up on PhotoShoping Vincent Jackson in a Redskins jersey until this sorts out.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news via Twitter and CSNWashington.com’s Rich Tandler picked up on the story. (h/t to Rich).

I feel so dirty, like Bill Belichick who was caught filming opposing team’s hand signals during games. Belichick and the New England Patriots were sanctioned by the league for behavior I considered close to the edge but did not cross the boundary. Hand signals are done in public. Filming it was Belichick efficiency, easier and more thorough than having an underpaid quality control intern compiling it by hand. Anyone could do it.

Redskins observers applauded Bruce Allen for taking advantage of the rules for the no cap year to bring financial sense to the mess of Washington’s contract structure. Any team could do it, or so it seemed.

The Dallas Cowboys are also caught in this web. The league will allow both teams to allocate the hit over two seasons, according Schefter’s update on ESPN.com. Both teams must give up $1.6 million of the amount to be split among the other 30 teams.

Roger Goodell has no sense of humor, I guess.

I exchanged tweets with @TheHogs.net this morning and was left with the impression that Washington had about $31 million cap room after franchising Fred Davis and other player commitments going into the new league year.

Meh! Mr. Snyder and Jerry Jones. Now what?