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Skip Bayless plays race card in RG3 vs. Kirk Cousins, DC yawns

Skip Bayless
I jumped all over a friend, maybe a former friend by now, a few days ago for broadcasting  a message that Barack Obama was giving Muslims a second Christmas holiday. The Eid Holiday Stamp hoax should have been seen as preposterous to everyone.  Versions of the same hoax have circulated since the George W. Bush days and the story was long ago debunked by snopes.com.

I will start checking Snopes for every ignorant thing that comes from Skip Bayless from now on. Bayless played the race card when he more or less called Kirk Cousins the great white hope of the Washington Redskins. Preposterous.

The majority of Redskins fans are white, Bayless said during his First Take show on ESPN yesterday, “and it’s just human nature if you’re white to root for the white guy. It just happens in sports. Just like the black community will root for the black quarterback.” 

To celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Washington Redskins, George Preston Marshall shall take possession of Skip Baseless’ mind.

Adding to the mirth, Bayless says he is for the black guy, like the way some folks once said, “some of my best friends are black….”  The dynamic is not good for Robert Griffin III, says Bayless.

Well, I’m for the white guy and the black guy. As a black Spartans grad, I’ve been rootin’ for Cousins for the last four seasons, but not I nor any black, white, brown or yellow person prefers Cousins to Griffin 3rd. No genuine Redskins fan does. It’s not as if Redskins fans booed the selection of RG3 the way Eagles fans did Donovan McNabb. Even those fans wanted the team to pick Ricky Williams, who is not white.

Bayless the provocateur succeeded in provoking controversy where none exists. No one knows that better than Cousins himself.

By happenstance, I asked the Twitterverse yesterday how long a honeymoon period would they allow for RG3. Here are a few of their replies.

Football is life in microcosm. While it mirrors some of societies issues, sports teams are as close as we get to a true meritocracy. Griffin would have to be John Beck-bad before fans scream for the white guy.

All that we know from Washington’s outing against the Bears last Saturday is that Cousins is better than Chicago’s depth players. We now know that TV analysts that know better do not factor that in their inflammatory statements.  

Shut the bleep up, Skip Bayless. Idiot.