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Smart money thinks Redskins will be .500 club. That’s not so smart.

When it comes to RGIII, the Redskins expect the world

Deep down, the gambling sharps think the Redskins are more likely to be a .500 ball club this season.

My sports book friends bovada.lv emailed updated NFL Season Win Totals because the over/under line for wins by the Cardinals, Patriots (small wonder) and Dolphins had changed.

Here is their over/under on 2013 Redskins wins

Washington Redskins – 2013 Regular Season Win Total          

Over                             8½ (EVEN)
Under                           8½ (-130)

As they patiently explain to me (over and over), that “(-130)” means a sportsman must wager $130 on the under to win $100. The more certain the outcome, the lower the payout, at least that’s the way it seems to my gambling-challenged mind

The even-money bet is on the over 8½ wins. The sharps think that is more likely to happen, so the payout is richer.

Like the stock market, these lines and odds change daily.

Hog Heaven is not a gambling tout. We are just pointing out what real touts think of the Redskins' chances.

We, of course, beg to differ. We have the Redskins 7-3 in our way too early 2013 game-by-game predictions of the first 10 games. Hog Heaven will complete the series before the first preseason game. We will post our real season forecast the week before NFL Week One – after a good three weeks of preseason action.

Meanwhile, here are Bovada’s over/under lines for our Beastly rivals.

New York Giants – 2013 Regular Season Win Total      

Over                             9 (-115)
Under                           9 (-115)

Dallas Cowboys – 2013 Regular Season Win Total       

Over                             8½ (+105)
Under                           8½  (-135)

Philadelphia Eagles – 2013 Regular Season Win Total 

Over                             7½ (+110)
Under                           7½  (-140)

So the sharps are meh on the Iggles, indifferent to the Cowboys and like the Giants to take the division. I won’t quibble with the over/under line. The G’ints have won two Super Bowls since 2007 and appeared in three since 2000.

If we learned anything from the Washington Nationals and Capitals it is not to presume playoffs this year from last year's playoffs.

But, trust me.

The Redskins are the most Beast of the East.

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