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Sports Illustrated Predicts Washington Nationals Will Win 2013 World Series

So, I get this email from Sports Illustrated with the straight-forward subject line that the Nats will win the World Series. Now, I'm fully aware what they are doing, which is precisely what I am doing, goading me to pimp their April 1, 2013 MLB Preview issue with an intriguing headline.

Redskins Hog heaven is a Redskins site, but what the heck, we're Washington sports fans, too. Any major publication that says a DC team will win a world title is worth noting. It feels a whole lot better than reporting that a big name NFL analyst had the 2012 Redskins winning three games. Here's what SI said in their email.

"(NEW YORK – Mar. 26, 2013)
– Sports Illustrated predicts that the Washington Nationals will defeat the Tampa Rays for the 2013 World Series in the April 1, 2013 issue of SI, on newsstands Wednesday. The SI Baseball Preview, which has six regional covers including one of Nationals’ ace Stephen Strasburg, features 42 pages of scouting reports with standings and playoff predictions, stat projections from rotowire.com and takes on every team from rival scouts.

"In a profile on why the Nationals will win the World Series, senior writer Tom Verducci says that the they look a lot like manager Davey Johnson’s 1986 Mets team—and that the similarities will extend through October.

"Verducci writes: “Like the ’86 Mets, the 2013 Nationals are the best team on paper at the start of the season. And like that championship team, Washington has young power pitching, a deep bullpen with multiple closers, a blend of power and speed, and an unmistakable swagger.” (PAGES 59-60)"

I bet SI says something like this about the local team to bloggers in every region. The email came with images of six different players from other teams.

Every now and then, sports fans wonder whether the Washington Redskins can hold their grip on the hearts of DC sports fans. Nationals World Series win will ignite the topic anew. Hog Heaven hasn't worried about that since the arrival of Robert Griffin III. (Thank you, Mike Shanahan and Daniel Snyder.) The Redskins are the DC's most reliable trophy collector. 

Although the team is in a long drought that may now be ending, a Nats title will do no harm to the Redskins. It will do the area a lot of good. So Go Nats, or whatever battle cry they're using at Nationals Stadium. 

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