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Steelers to visit Redskins for NFL Preseason Monday Night Football game

Redskins at Steelers 2012

The NFL scheduled a Monday Night Football visit to FedEx Field by one of its premier teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Do the NFL and ESPN know something that we do not yet know? Will Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III be available to take six or eight snaps to open that contest?

While Hog Heaven is skeptical, nothing that RGIII does surprises us anymore. A speedy recovery after surgeries on both knees would just be another remarkable achievement by a remarkable young man.

Head Coach Mike Shanahan says that Kirk Cousins will take all the practice snaps with the first team throughout off-season. Both he and Griffin have said that Griffin would not start until he is 100 percent recovered.

Still, the idea of broadcasting Cousins vs. the Steelers defense would not send ESPN types to celebratory drinks Man Men style. I am a Spartans alum who enjoys watching Cousins in action anytime, but I'm also a Redskins fan. There are two certainties about Redskins fans. We prefer RGIII to Cousins, and we don't want Griffin to rush his recovery.

Griffin represents five to 10 years of enjoyable football after 19 years in the playoff desert. We are not willing to risk that in a preseason game.

Here is the preseason schedule.

Date Range Opponent Network Time
Aug. 8-11 at Tennessee Titans NBC4/Comcast SportsNet tba
Mon. Aug. 19 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers ESPN tba
Aug. 23-25 vs. Buffalo Bills NBC4/Comcast SportsNet tba
Aug. 29-31 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers NBC4/Comcast SportsNet tba


The NFL strings out preseason weekends from Thursday evenings to Monday night. Except for Steelers@Redskins, the NFL has not revealed the exact day and time of Redskins preseason games.

Washington last faced Pittsburgh October 29, 2012, at Heinz Field. The Redskins lost 27-12 when the defense could not contain Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers held Alfred Morris to 59 rushing yards.


Steelers fans travel well. They've been known to "take over" FedEx with as many as 30,000 fans. Not this time. Redskins fans have a defending division champion to root for.

Tickets became a hot commodity as the 2012 season progressed. The Steelers game will be the fans' first home town look at the 2013 Redskins and it's on Monday Night, too. With or without RGIII, expect a sellout.

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