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The 3 dumbest things Redskins beat writers are saying

Number 3:   Aldrick Robinson is not a lock to make the roster. 

Redskins receiver Aldrick Robinson

As Troy Aikman said during the Dallas game, "this guy can flat out fly.'  And 'As strong an arm as RG3 has, I don't think you can overthrow Aldrick Robinson."

Not only is Robinson a lock on the roster, he is in a three-way competition with Morgan and Hankerson to be the #2 receiver on this team (in terms of reps, not necessarily in terms on lining up at the X,Y or Z position).  Moss is locked in as the #3, slot guy.

The issue with Robinson is refining skills, confidence and playing with a bit more Garcon/Morris type of grit.  The pre-season will tell us a lot there.  He's not a one-trick pony as we will soon see again (re-watch his first NFL game against the Saints as well).  Robinson can truly be RG3's Kendall Wright.

People that say he is too small to be a good blocker don't realize he is actually stronger than the much much bigger Josh Morgan (225 bench press 17x vs. 14x for Morgan).  Santana Moss can block  – it's really a mindset, balance and good hand and foot placement.

Shanahan hates drops. I expect this three way battle to continue throughout the season and to see-saw based on drops, production and blocking.  I think Morgan and Robinson have the best improvement buzz right now and one of those two that can potentially give the Redskins that one-two receiver punch like the Falcons.  I actually feel sorry for defenses that would have to line up against Garcon, Robinson, Davis, Paul/Reed and Alfred Morris on the field at the same time.

Number 2:  Tyler Polumbus will be the starting right tackle

Tyler Polumbus, Tackle, Washington Redskins

If you don't think every night before Shanahan goes to sleep he isn't kneeling by his bed praying that Compton or Pashos beat out Polumbus sooner vs. later, than you don't know how to listen to Shanahan speak.

Shanahan may make the occasional big mistake (McNabb, RG knee-gate), but he isn't stupid.  Every play RG3 got hurt was a breakdown in the offensive line.  Who is the current weakest link in that chain?  Tyler Polumbus.  Zone blocking by definition leads to a lighter and faster offensive line that is a bit weaker in pass protection.  But there is difference between not blocking a rusher off  more than 3.5 seconds and having a rusher regularly get by you in under .5 seconds.  It's a difference between being the spokesman for Adidas and being a spokesman for a wheelchair company.

I think the Shanaplan is pretty clear here – he said Polumbus is lined up on first team, but before even taking a breath, he basically added 'you never know what can happen with the competition in the pre-season and you can move a guy from the more athletic position of left tackle to right tackle easily."  Read that as, "I fully expect and pray every day that Tony Pashos or Tom Compton to show they are ready to take over during the pre-season games."

BTW, another part of the RG3 knee protection program is to develop a screen passing game with Alfred Morris and a 4.3  40 yard dash time running back.  The Redskins do not want RG3 to be the only 4.3 guy in the backfield on offense.  

The screen game was awful last season with a bootleg to Young as the only play that consistently worked.  Most QBs still walking on two legs have the security blanket of a reliable tight end and a reliable screen game when the pressure is on.

Of course Shanahan knows RG3 is ultra-competitive and expect Shanny to pull him out for quick medical checks a few times early in the season despite RG3's objections if he sees the slightest limp or light planting of his right leg.  Expect also to see RG3 sliding sooner and better and more throws out of bounds.

Number 1:  The Redskins need to or will change their name

Washington Redskins logo

The death of context and subtlety is one of true evils in today's world.  Please see my previous piece on the Redskins name issue.  

The lack of refinement and subtlety in these people's proclaimed morality is mind-numbing to hear.  People looking for easy answers to life and its travails end up on witch hunts for idiotic causes, stay locked into power/ego trips, etc.  Every distraction to avoid the pain of reaching their own individual potential. I can't wait for the season to start so these condescending, brainless stories will get buried again.

EDITOR'S COMMENT: Would that it were so. Hog Heaven thinks the Redskins are in for three to five years of football excellence. Winning  means more headlines leading to more potshots about the name. Not all opponents will be true believers. Some will be those heathen in Dallas who malign Washington until they are red in the face. Um, can I say that?

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