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The anguish of a disgruntled Redskins fan. That last tweet is the killer.

Groan! This hurts. Hog Heaven’s working theory going into the season was break-out performances by Jamison Crowder and Chris Thompson while Josh Doctson, Terrelle Pryor and Junior Gallette ramped up to high production in the second half of the season.

Thompson and Pryor are out. Pryor was underperforming before he went on IR. Crowder is less than he flashed last year. Jordan Reed’s long absence may be a contributing factor. The Redskins are using Gallette as a rotation player behind Ryan Kerrigan. It’s hard to argue the point even with sense we are  somehow under-using him.

Before injuries took its toll on our big uglies, we thought the Redskins really had something; That they would contend for a playoff run. (A “run” means win a playoff game. Sad.)

Hog Heaven contributor Scott Hirsch thinks we should change the name to the Washington Redcross.

I’ve tired of arguing for Kirk Cousins; not that I’ve tired of Cousins. We can win with Cousins. I’ve become tired of debating Kirk-baiters with closed minds.

To them, I’ll remind that the Redskins could have signed Kirk to a $16 million per year deal before the 2015 season, and to a $20 million per year deal that Kirk offered them before 2016. Either would have seemed astute bargains today. The ‘Skins have always been a year late and $3-4 million per year short on offers to Kirk. And now?