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The best of Jay Gruden is yet to come. Here’s how to get it.

Redskins head coach Jay Griden

Regardless of how you feel about the free agency selections to date, you have to agree that Gruden clearly sees the problem areas of the Redskins.

One of my favorite signings was Hatcher.  Here's a guy that took years to show his best at age 31.  Believe it or not, patience can actually pay off (that's a not subtle message to the fans as well).

That's what gets me the most excited about Gruden.  I can't wait for the announcement that a bulldozer has come to the Redskins’ training facility and has demolished the Shanahan Doghouse that was built on a foundation of ego.

Where Gruden can truly shine is bringing the most of out of the Redskins under-utilized players.  Here are some to start:

Aldrick Robinson – I've described him in the past as a late bloomer.  I still believe his breakout year is 2015.  Nonetheless, there is potential to see great things from Aldrick this year with the right management.  Gruden already called out in the press his assignments – working on his route running and his hands.

Niles Paul – I know, a lot of you have given up on him, but I haven't.  Two options here – one is to take advantage of his rare combo of size and speed and use him for mid-routes where he thrives (Kyle wasted his strengths with a few short throws).  Another option is to convert him to safety where I believe after his intense training at Wide Receiver, Tight End and Special Teams, he could be a premier safety in the NFL.  That transition would require a couple years.  But remember, at 235 pounds, 4.5 speed and the ability to lay the lumber, he could be incredible.  See this – 

Chris Thompson – I don't know if you are reading this, Chris, but do us all a favor and quickly add 10-20 pounds of muscle.  Now is the time to do your best Darren Sproles imitation and really focus on receiving screen passes and hitting that sideline like you do so well.  Working on kickoff returns will help too.

On defense – I think we have potential both 'Rak and Kerrigan really breakout this year due to Hatcher and Chris Baker starting to beast out.  Maybe Jarvis Jenkins will surprise us this year as well – he has the potential waiting to be tapped.

As a side note – I'm looking at our first pick in the draft being a very large wide receiver.  I expect a big WR, a huge Tackle, a huge Guard/Center, a bigger sized Tight End, a Safety and a return man for special teams/WR in this draft based on the free agency signings so far.  They can also draft a bigger, late round Cornerback that will take a few years to develop.