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The Browns offered a trade to the Redskins for WHO? (Terrelle Pryor)

With big holes in talent and salary cap room out the wazoo, why did the Cleveland Browns ever let WR Terrelle Pryor just walk away.

The Redskins snapped Pryor up for the price of a ham sandwich, about $6 million on a one-year trial.

A story on Cleveland.com says The Browns tried to trade for Pryor at the deadline.

The bigger surprise is that the Redskins turned them down.

Pryor is failing to thrive in Jay Gruden’s offense. Trade rumors that were rife on social media. (Yeah, we know better than to listen.)

This news will disappoint a few disgruntled Redskins fans, but it is evident that the team still has faith in Pryor who is on a learning curve for the position (just 19 game starts as a wide receiver) while learning a new offense. It’s a process bound to take half the season at least.

We believe Pryor will improve in November and will find his way onto Washington’s 2018 roster. It worked for Kirk Cousins, the subject of feeler offers from The Browns a few years ago.

Word was Cleveland offered a fourth-round pick. Washington angled for a second-rounder. The Browns should have done that deal. It is a great relief to Kirk that they did not.