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The Chiefs make the least of the NFC Beast


Hog Heaven tagged both the Eagles and Chiefs as trap teams for the Redskins in a game by game preview during the summer. Watching the Chiefs beat the Eagles last night caused my stomach to tighten.

1) That "potent" Chip Kelly offense has a missing ingredient in the Eagles last two games ‒ the impotent Redskins defense. We expected some struggles in the secondary with two rookie starters. We had reason to believe that a better pass rush would harry quarterbacks the way the Chiefs did to Michael Vick.

We've yet to see it consistently. It's as if none of the starters took things seriously until Robert Griffin III declared himself 100 percent.

I expected the team to carry RGIII early. Didn't you?


2) The Chiefs are better than their 2012 two-win record. We expected something of a turn-around under competent coaching, But that Kansas City defense is better than anyone expected.

Chiefs vs. Cowboys 2013

3) The NFC East is real bad

The only two wins by division teams have come at the expense of other division teams. The NFC Least is skunked outside its own division. The rest of the league is starting to laugh.

The Chiefs are masters of the NFC Least after beating the Cowboys and Eagles. The two remaining games against division rivals are against the two still winless teams in the Beast, the Giants and us (Week 14).

I am more confident in a Chiefs win this weekend than I am in a Redskins win over the Lions. More on that in another story.

Two games in is too soon to give up on the season. Human endeavor holds potential for human improvement. Right (asks Hog Heaven plaintively)? Hog Heaven holds out for a playoff appearance by Washington. We should see signs of progress in the next two games if that is going to happen.

The anguished voices you heard after two losses won't compare to the guttural noises you will hear if we lose to Lions and especially to the hapless Raiders.

Washington has been master of Detroit at home since Adam was a baby. Oakland is a talent-poor team now with a mobile quarterback. Mobile quarterbacks give the Redskins fits.

The Redskins will only have three games of Terrelle Pryor on video by the time they face the Raiders. Coordinators need about six games on tape to break down an opponent.

Fight on, sons of Washington. Fight on       

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