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“The Cowboy” rides into the sunset

Wilford "Crazy Ray" Jones, the unofficial mascot of the Dallas Cowboys died at his home Saturday. Crazy Ray was often seen opposite Zema "Chief Zee" Williams when Dallas and Washington played on national TV games over the last two decades. The broadcast crew would stage mock battles between the two, with the home team mascot  set up as the "winner." The pair added color to the most colorful rivalry in pro-football.

Jones was in poor health in recent years, leading supporters to set up a web site — www.savecrazyray.com — to raise funds for his medical bills. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease were listed as the causes of death, according to a story by The Associated Press.

Zema Williams is also in poor health. He was confined to a wheelchair last summer, but was able to make Redskins games during the season. Both Crazy Ray Jones and Chief Zee Williams created their characters. Although closely identified with their teams, they had no official connection to the Cowboys or the Redskins.

Hog Heaven offers our sincere sympathies to the family and friends of Crazy Ray.