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The further misadventures of Fred Davis, a comedy-drama

Fred DavisWashington Redskins tight end Fred Davis could merit a return trip to the NFL Rookies’ Symposium, if not as a student, then as a speaker with something to say to athletes about “no win” situations that involve women.

The Washingtonian Magazine is about to bust a story about a harassment suit and restraining order against Davis dating to January 2011. The story is online now at Washingtonian.com

Mmm, not the news Davis nor the Redskins wants as he rebuilds his reputation after his NFL suspension. Now, we all know that 2011 began for Davis as poorly as it ended.

Here’s the Cliff Notes version: surprise nightclub birthday party for Davis, 12:40 AM, a touch to the wrist, drink thrown in his face, pitcher of juice dumped on her head.

Ms. Makini R. Chaka filed civil suit alleging Davis assaulted, harassed and threatened to kill her. The he-said, she-said case is scheduled to be heard in March 2013. Until then, Davis is under a restraining order to remain 75-feet away from Ms. Chaka. 
The Washingtonian picks up the story from an April 2012 hearing where Chaka says Davis violated that order. 

“Davis insisted that he complied with the terms of the court’s order but admitted he had been at nightclubs while Chaka was present. ‘It’s just, the city’s so small, you’re going to run into somebody,’ Davis testified.”

Washington a small city? Um, OK.

How did Redskins fans miss that news? Oh yeah, “The Trade” with the St. Louis Rams and the 2012 NFL Draft.

At the hearing, Davis acted as his own attorney going so far as to cross-examine Chaka. He won; the judge ruled that violation by Davis was not proven. And he lost, because his reputation takes another hit for even being involved in this situation.

Adam Jones (was Pacman) admitted he did not pay attention when he attended the 2005 NFL Rookie Symposium as he shared his story with this year’s crop of new players. Jones attended the Symposium by league invitation. His message? “The message is, this is not a joke.” I imagine Davis is not laughing and could give examples of his own.

The point for any celebrity athlete is that the better part of manhood is to walk away. (The smaller point for Davis is to hire a good attorney if this case ever comes to trial.) When you are perceived as a rich, famous athlete, incidents grow into lawsuits that go on and on. It’s a blessing to be a semi-unheard of, broke blogger like me.

Hog Heaven is a football blog, not a gossip site. Our interest is in what’s happening to the Washington Redskins. The front office must have had a bad January-February last year with this incident and two others involving Albert Haynesworth. Fat Al was charged with sexual assault at the W Hotel and a road rage matter in early February. Fat Al was soon off the team.

Davis is on a one-year “prove it” contract with the ‘Skins for $5.45 million. This incident happened last year and was surely known to the team. Don’t treat it as a new indiscretion. 

But, Davis has to be on perfect behavior and very careful with his associations. I hope he keeps his nose clean. The Redskins need him. Um, keep Chris Cooley on the roster just in case.  

Point after

Two thoughts come to mind without pointing any fingers at any of the parties involved in this story. 

“We are not in the business of well-adjusted human beings.” ~ George Young, former New York Giants GM

My daddy told me that trouble comes with fast cars and pretty women. Or, was it the other way around?

Just sayin’….