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UPDATED: The most talented group of people on the Redskins

Drew Rosenhaus
It's not the offense.

It's not the defense.

It's not special teams.

It's not the coaches.

It's not the back office.

It certainly isn't the medical staff and trainers.

The most talented people on the Redskins are the player's agents that continue to extort ridiculous sums of money for worthless, arrogant players like DeAngelo Hall.  You would think after Albert Haynesworth and Jammal Brown, the Redskins would have learned their lessons – nope – up to $45 million for Garcon for one quarter of one game of football!  Will he ever be up to his full speed again?  Maybe, maybe not.  

But we have to hand it to his agent.  That's one talented Redskins affiliated person.  Maybe we could put him in the secondary.  Give credit where credit is due.

Maybe it's time to start becoming a Ravens fan instead.  But yuck, Baltimore?  I would like them better if the name was "Maryland …."   And the team name Ravens?  What is this, a collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories or a football team?  Terrible name.  I prefer a name like the "Neanderthals" or just "Beasts."  Lastly, the purple uniforms have got to go.  Purple uniforms belong to a team called the "Cookie Monsters" or "Fat Albert and the Gang." (I'm thinking Russell and Mush Mouth for those that remember).  Lastly, the AFC seems so lame after years of being inside the NFC.  Maybe they can change that too.

Alternatively, the Redskins can start collecting #1 draft picks one year in the distant future and start winning again.  Hmmm, maybe the "Maryland Beasts" are more likely to happen….

p.s.  A special kudos to the Redskins for realizing after half the season and after dozens of futile attempts that TE Niles Paul has a big size and separation disadvantage on passes under 12 yards and every speed advantage they wanted for passes over 20 yards.  Let's make it simple for Kyle – Niles can't block and can't catch under 10 yards from the line of scrimmage, ever.  After that distance, he can be a great weapon for both.

p.p.s.  Does anyone else notice how the referees blatantly favor teams that help the Giants' standing?

Editor's note: Pierre Garcon is represented by Terra Firma Sports Management. Drew Rosenhaus, America's most recognizable NFL agent, is pictured with this story. Image: August 18, 2011, Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images North America via zimbio.com.

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