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The real reason Trent Williams is going to the Pro Bowl
The offensive line of the Redskins was a disaster this year.  Even though Trent Williams is the only member of the line that should not be cut as a starter, he did not have his best year.
Several mental errors plagued him this year.  The Shanahan's always have certain players they throw in the doghouse, and this last year one of them was certainly Fred Davis.  Fred is Trent's best friend on the team, and no doubt this had an effect on Trent.
So why did he make it to the Pro Bowl this year and why will he make it to virtually every Pro Bowl for the rest of his career?  It's all do to one play in particular.  Actually, it's not a play per se.  But for this 10 seconds, fans, players and coaches will forever love Trent and reward him.
Here it is:

WAIT. Why is RG injecting himself between Trent's fist and Richard's face? Too funny.