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The Redskins and the Texans, brothers in failure. Lets blame the Shanahans

Gary Kubiak and Mike Shanahan with the Denver Broncos

There is a weird connection between the Washington Redskins and the Houston Texans. Both teams are suffering epic failures, falling from first to division worst in one breath-taking season. The Texans are stumbling their way through a coaching search. The Redskins are sure to follow. Both teams have Mike Shanahan's thumbprint.

Ex-Texans head coach Gary Kubiak is a former player, coach and offensive coordinator for Shanahan's Denver Broncos. Kyle Shanahan was OC for the Texans under Kubiak before joining father Mike in Washington. Both teams have crashed and burned using the same offensive scheme. Shanahan twice mentioned Kubiak's name in press conferences this week as news surfaced that Kyle would like to leave.

That's all too much for blogging colleague Patrick D. Starr, the talent behind stateofthetexans.com, Patrick reached out to Hog Heaven for answers. Like all Redskins fans, Hog Heaven is doing the same. Pour yourself an adult beverage and follow the bar talk of fans who wonder how it all came to this.   


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