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The secret message from Mike Shanahan to Robert Griffin III, protect yourself, or we will


The message was unspoken, hidden, yet plainly obvious. It was couched by all the right words by all parties. But Robert Griffin III's pouty demeanor during the Browns game said it all. Griffin expected to play. Da coach had other ideas.

Was Mike Shanahan sending a subtle message to the savior of Redskins football? Did RGIII get the point?

Hog Heaven never agreed with others who think the Redskins coaching staff is mistaken to run Griffin. On the contrary, Griffin's elusiveness paired with accurate passing makes him the most dangerous man in football. Cut down the running, and you cut down the effectiveness of the offense.

Shanahan wants Griffin to run. He just doesn't want him to take hits…, because Griffin healthy is more important to Washington than that last yard on a play.

There was a huge sigh of relief when Cousins started against Cleveland. Getting the last yard is Alfred Morris' job. Griffin's main role is to befuddle defenses.  

Coaches deliver messages by benching players. If Griffin doesn't run out of bounds, or take to ground when defenders are within three yards of him, maybe he should sit awhile.

We know now that the Redskins have to luxury of losing Griffin for a game or two and can still win big. You've heard the cliché how nothing speeds a player's recovery like seeing your back-up play well. So let's paraphrase that Prilosec tag line to "slide, and don't give your coach heartburn in the first place," Robert.

The beauty of Kirk Cousins is that the coach doesn't have to say anything for that message to get through.  

Image: Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins from Washington Redskins official Facebook page.

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