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Happy Old Year! The Washington Redskins are your 2012 Beasts of the East



I bet nobody in the NFC East looks past the Redskins anymore. Everyone outside of Washington did that last September when they projected the Eagles or Giants as division champs. Nobody thought, “Hmm, Redskins…division champs….”

I bet nobody laughs at the Redskins quarterback situation anymore. Everybody outside of Washington did that in September 2011 when Mike Shanahan blew smoke about Rex Grossman and John Beck as competitive starters. And to think they suspended Trent Williams for blowing smoke.

I bet nobody thinks of Norv Turner anymore. Turner coached the Redskins to their last NFC East title in 1999. Ironic that he is likely to lose his job in San Diego this week.

I bet Robert Griffin III will not be nominated for Rookie of Week 17. Nope, Alfred Morris (200 yards, 3 TDs) is your Rookie of the Week. Morris holds the franchise rushing record with 1,613 yards. He also had three touchdowns for the evening.

I bet nobody thought DC Jim Haslett would use DeAngelo Hall in man coverage on Dez Bryant most of the evening. The same scheme led to disaster in 2011 Cowboys Game One. Haslett must have a pair of big ones.

I bet nobody thought D.Hall would cover Bryant so well all night long. Lawd knows I didn’t. Nice job, De.

I bet nobody gives Tony Romo any love this offseason. Prepare for a lot of Tony Ohno jokes and homophobic corruptions of his name. Yesterday, I wrote that Romo is a better quarterback than most give him credit to be. Today, we find out if he is a better man. A lot of withering criticism is rolling his way, much of it from Cowboys alumni Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders on the Network. Irvin and Sanders are the best superficial thinkers on sports talk TV.



The rookies and new players on this team are beasts, that’s why the Redskins are Beasts of the East. Now, here comes one of the Best of the West, the Seattle Seahawks. The ‘Hawks are a better, healthier team than the Cowboys, but save that for another post. For now, it’s all about Hail to the 2012 Redskins.