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This is the blog post you write when you aren’t sure about your Redskins vs. the Eagles

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III

In no particular order of importance….

The NFC Least division standing in Week 11 is the reverse of what Hog Heaven and many other projected for the season. The Eagles are on top, tied with the Cowboys, and the Giants and Redskins mired at the bottom.


If Washington loses to Philadelphia today, they would be no worse  than two games behind the division leader, but they would be playoff dead.


The division winner will finish 4-2 within the Beast. The Redskins must split with the Eagles and Cowboys and sweep the Giants to do that. The 'Skins are 0-2 in the division, 1-5 in the conference. The technical term is "in a hole." The technical term for losing today is "screwed."


The next chapter of the continuing education of Robert Griffin III has Hall of Fame legend Darrell Green questioning the golden child's leadership. Because he is who he is, there hasn't been fan blowback on Green. Griffin might wonder, "Who is that old fart, anyway?"


Two lines from the 1970 movie Patton seem to fit.

"Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser."

"…all glory is fleeting."

Every young man learns this, usually the hard way.


Criticism like that happens when your team is losing. Pro sports is a harsh, "what have you done for me lately" world. From my own career, I did my bestest, smartest work when times were toughest, when I had a stretch when I couldn't buy a sale, much less close one. Human nature doesn't change. Even in this adversity, RGIII is planting the seeds of future success.


Who better than military parents can coach you through personal adversity. Here's a good time to shout out to all you veterans out there.


Griffin is and will be an amazing talent, but Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson are deservedly hogging the glory. They have their teams positioned for another playoff appearance. Seattle is built for the Super Bowl, but Indianapolis is no better than Washington. The difference is that Luck and Wilson avoided injury when Griffin did not.


Dick Vermeil said, "The problem with running quarterbacks is they run." Mike Tomlin said the way to stop duel threat quarterbacks is to hit them. I presume he meant to use every opportunity to make legal hits. It's working. Griffin said last week, "I can't take those amount of hits."

But what did he mean by that? Did he mean that he would should try harder to avoid contact on critical downs, or was it a veiled dig at his offensive line that has allowed a ton of hits?


The Redskins have never beaten a Michael Vick team when Vick played a complete game. Nick Foles has never beaten the Redskins. Foles is starting for the Eagles. I hope that trend continues. (See paragraph No. 2 above.)


In the three stats that matter, the Redskins are under-performing the Eagles (Foles) in passer rating, and in turnovers made. Third-down conversions are a push. Hog Heaven thinks if a team wins two of those three, it will win the game. It will be odd if Foles, who we deem the talent equivalent of Kirk Cousins, were to out-perform Griffin.


That would call into question the decision to give up two first round picks and a second rounder for RGIII. (The 'Skins swapped positions with the Rams in 2012. They did not lose a first-round pick.) Hog Heaven reserves judgment on that until the end of the 2014 season.


The Hog Heaven Magic 8-Ball says "My reply is no" when asked if the Redskins would beat the Eagles. The 8-Ball is 2-2 on the season, so who's listening.


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