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Tiki Barber, Redskin, has the same ring as Deion Sanders, Redskin, don’t you think?

Tiki BarberMy friends at Bodog.com (Don’t know ’em. Get their emails) set odds at 5/1 that Tiki Barber would find his way to the Washington Redskins roster next season. Barber would be the best player signed out of retirement since the Redskins lured Neon Deion here in 2000. Barber is about as well loved around DC as Sanders is.

I’m hoping the new Shanahan-Allen regime avoids that sort of roster move. Yes, it is a test for how they rebuild the team.

Signing Barber would signal that nothing’s changed. 

Ninety-eight percent of fans would rather see younger players with upside potential compete–compete, I say–for that spot. This being Washington, I should say something like signing Barber would be a job-killing move of a failed policy.

Bodog set lower odds that Barber would sign with one of three other teams: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2/1), New Orleans Saints (3/1) and Denver Broncos (5/2). Lower odds imply that the betting crowd sees a higher certainty that Barber would sign with one of those other teams than with the Redskins. 

I find it odd that New Orleans is on that list. It’s disturbing that Washington is mentioned at all. Odds are Bodog does not believe Washington has given up its Snyderrato past. I argue otherwise, but Bodog can always point to Mike Shanahan’s first move to trade two draft picks for big-name quarterback Donovan McNabb. You can’t get more Snyderesque than that.

Bodog didn’t show odds that nobody would sign Barber. That’s my bet. My advice to the Bucs, Saints and Broncos? Sign Clinton Portis instead.

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