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Tyrann Mathieu to the Redskins debate rages on Hog Heaven

Tyrann Mathieu at the 2013 NFL Combine
Should the Washington Redskins select disgraced LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu in this weekend's NFL Draft? Hog Heaven contributors Scott Hirsch and Anthony Brown are in opposite camps. Youthful Hirsch is all in on the Honey Badger. Old school curmudgeon Brown is aghast at the thought.


I hope the Redskins snag Tyrann. Think about it, they had an entire offense ready for a Banks midget speedster.  I think Tyrann could play that role too on top of special teams and nickel corner and would be worth the risk for 4th or 5th round pick.


It would be a mistake. I don't believe for one minute that Mathieu has the strength of character to resists the temptations of DC, or of any major urban area. The NFL would be his twelfth attempt at a second chance. Mathieu needs to be in Cincinnati or Green Bay for his own good.
However, Shanahan wasted a flier on Maurice Clarett (2005 third round #101 overall). The results were predictable. Shanny's thoughts about Mathieu are informed by whatever lesson he drew from the Clarett experience. I don't see him taking Honey Badger in the second or third round, but if Mathieu is still sitting there in the Saturday rounds, coach could do anything.
Did you say offense? Tyrann has to show me hands. You know what they say about speedsters who play defense.
If Mathieu is a Redskin Saturday night, I will root for him, grit teeth, crossed fingers and all. 


George Young:
"We are not in the business of well-adjusted human beings."

All good points – and an impressive display of historical knowledge! And yet more proof Niles Paul should have been converted to safety.

I think all good safeties now are pretty much guys that are one step away from jail time for involuntary manslaughter, etc.  They are kind of like team Tasmanian Devils that the team unleashes for each game.  Pure beasts.

Don't be surprised if Corners start being that type as well (a la Richard Sherman, though I also don't like him).


Involuntary manslaughter? Kind of rough on safeties, aren't you, Hirsch?. I don't see Troy Polamalu or Ed Reed that way. As best I can tell, most NFL players are devoutly religious. Sacrificing one's body for a larger purpose is required in pro football. Players with a religious core are inclined to make that sacrifice. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

But, I get the point about hard-hitting safeties. LaRon Landry and Sean Taylor are perfect examples. The game is changing, however, both by rule and by the evolution in the passing game. Big hitters will give way to coverage stoppers. Watch and see.

Mathieu is a physical specimen and a "football player" with potential to change a game. He has also shown repeatedly that he will feed whatever hunger his body craves. He is a risk to be unavailable to the team for off-field foolishness for periods of time.     

Jack Tatum, Ohio State, Oakland Raiders safety:
"I like to think my best hits border on felonious assault."


Hog Heaven Magic 8 Ball:
Question, Will the Redskins draft Tyrann Mathieu?
Answer No. 1, "Reply hazy. Ask again."
Answer No. 2, "Yes"
The Magic 8-Ball correctly picked the outcome of seven of the Redskins' last eight games last season. The 8-Ball don't lie, but it can make an honest mistake.
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