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VIDEO: Alfred Morris, the Redskins’ other Rookie of the Year candidate

Worth sharing out there.  A bright spot of another heart-broken season:

Do you notice how the redskins are like a row boat with dozens of leaks plugged in?  First, it's special teams punting that's leaking. Then it's the offensive line setting RG3 up a like a pinyata.  Then it's the secondary. Then it's the pass rush. Then it's the field goal kicking. Then it's 3rd down conversion/horrible 3rd down play calls. Then it's receivers dropping balls and not getting open. Where does it end? Then it's the coaching? Then it's the players and we need 3 first round picks next year when we have zero?  

Our consolation; our hero is Alfred. The Redskins are the bad news bears of football with our home game losing streak. Alfred is much more our model hero given this sad fact than RG3 (who was never the scorned underdog), even though we love them both.

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