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Want a big $$$$ self promoting PR campaign for free? Bash the Redskins name.

Bob Costas

Have you ever tried to do a public relations campaign?

It can be quite expensive and labor intensive.  Even with good money invested and hard work, there is no guarantee of any results.

Now let's say you are an aging sportscaster a bit overly concerned about how your Botox injections look on video in a culture that worships youth.  What's the easiest way to get instant free PR and place yourself on the soapbox preaching down to everyone else?

Simply call the Redskins name offensive.  No claims of Indian ancestry are needed!  What marginally scrupulous self-promoter could resist?  

After all, if you are so concerned about the feelings of others, why would you kick Redskins fans in the teeth in our time of sadness over this nightmare season start?

Expect to hear Redskins name bashing endlessly.  It's guaranteed PR.  When it stops making the news, self-promoters will find other low hanging fruit for instant PR in its place.

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