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What They Say About Russ Grimm’s Special Day At The Hall
Aug 7, 2010; Canton, OH, USA; Russ Grimm gives his presentation speech at the 2010 Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony at Fawcett Stadium. Photo by Image of Sport Photo via Newscom


Redskins Hog Heaven congratulates Russ Grimm upon his induction to the NFL Hall Of Fame.

Here’s the story in brief:

From Russ Grimm’s Hall Of Fame Bio:

“The 6’3”, 273-pound Grimm became a steadying force on the Redskins vaunted offensive line of the 1980s that earned the nickname “The Hogs.” By his second season in the NFL, Grimm gained much notice from around the league. Teaming with tackle Joe Jacoby, the pair formed what was perhaps the most punishing side of an offensive line in football at the time.”

From Russ Grimm’s Hall Of Fame acceptance speech, courtesy ESPN:

“Last but not least, to burgundy and gold fans, there’s many a time when I closed my eyes and I picture myself still putting on those pads at old RFK Stadium, and those stands are rocking up and down and 50 some thousand chanting, We want Dallas. I can hear the diesel horns blowing when 44 was carrying the football, and I remember standing there in the pouring rain when everyone was throwing the seat cushions down on the field in the playoff game versus Atlanta. “

From Rick Snider’s A Hog that hammed it up:

“Grimm was a throwback to the old days when offensive linemen were simply modern-day Vikings with a legitimate way to plunder. Grimm and his compatriots played hard and drank harder.” (From the time when men were men and expected to hold their liquor. What would the Commish make of that today?)

From Mike Wise’s Russ Grimm and the Hogs of lore paved the way for Washington Redskins greatness:

“‘They all planned to be there Saturday, from different Hog eras. Starke, the Head Hog. Bostic. Jim Lachey. Mark May. Rick ‘Doc’ Walker. Jacoby, Donnie Warren, Mark Schlereth, Raleigh McKenzie. Jim Hanifan. Fred Dean.

“Grimm’s day is their day.”

From Associated Press–Russ Grimm enters Hall Of Fame:

“Grimm called the Hogs ‘a group of guys that grew together, worked together, rose families together’ and said he would have their names embroidered on the inside of his gold Hall of Fame jacket.”

From Mike Florio’s Russ Grimm moves back on the A list:

“On Saturday night, Cardinals assistant coach Russ Grimm moved back to the A list for any and all head-coaching vacancies.

“Largely forgotten since missing out on the Steelers’ job three years in a haze of ambiguity and/or the Rooney Rule, Grimm used his speech as an open audition for his ability to communicate to a team, a fan base, and a media corps.  

“And he nailed it.”

From Associated Press–Buc’s Grimm will make Hall Of Fame trip:

“The son’s (Cody Grimm) earliest recollection of his dad’s playing days is Russ limping around the house after having knee surgery. He said he was never pressured him to play sports when he was growing up and that Russ has steered clear of offering him much in the way of tips or advice about the pro game.”

There is no reference to Grimm’s Hall Of Fame induction in his biography on the Arizona Cardinals web site. But Arizona is always three hours behind and a world away from Washington.

From Me at Redskins Hog Heaven:

The Hogs are more than the nickname of a component of the 1980s offense, in which Russ Grimm was a key player. The Hogs are a mystique. They are not just what the Redskins were. They are what we want them to be, whomever the owner or coach, whatever the offensive or defensive scheme: hard nosed, hard working, slobber-knocking bruisers who push you around against your will, as Grimm himself put it. We want them to be characters without being egotists. If Hogs had not come to personify that, then the name would have fallen to disuse decades ago and Grimm as forgotten as Len Hauss.

If they ever do change the team name, Washington Hogs suits me just fine.