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What To Do About Albert Haynesworth?
CHICAGO - OCTOBER 24: Chris Williams  of the Chicago Bears blocks Albert Haynesworth  of the Washington Redskins at Soldier Field on October 24, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. The Redskins defeated the Bears 17-14. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Washington Redskins DL Albert Haynesworth was deactivated for the Giants game yesterday for an undisclosed, at the time, illness. It turns out that the “illness” was a slight case of procrastination.

Haynesworth and others say that he was two minutes late for a team meeting Friday. Haynesworth says that he was sick. An exasperated Phillip Daniels says he’s never been late to e team meeting (mini-camp, OTA, practice) even when he was sick.

“Haynesworth hasn’t fully grasped the concept of team,” says Daniels.  

This latest episode of As Albertworld Turns spawned a new round of rumors that the Washington Redskins are on the verge of dumping Haynesworth.

Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, the 24/7 media channels surface those stories, usually citing reliable sources close to the Redskins. Jason LaCanfora reported that a trade of Haynesworth was “imminent” just before the 2010 NFL Draft. Other stories reported that Washington was close to a trade of Haynesworth to Tennessee. That deal reportedly fell apart when Jeff fisher would not budge from a fourth-round pick for Big Al. the Redskins wanted multiple picks. Who knew at the time that Tennessee’s fourth-round pick would have the feel of a third-round pick? The Titans are just that bad.

That reliable source close to the Redskins needs to keep their mouths shut, or their thumbs off the handheld. These stories haven’t panned out. I suspect that Washington’s plan to rebuild involve shedding players for multiple draft picks. 

Washington Redskins head coach says he will address the matter Wednesday after he’s spoken to Haynesworth.

Now we have something. That phrase has the feel of an employee action, when the employee is about to go on one of those 90 day improvement plans or dimissal. Employee actions are confidential, as they should be, even when the subject is a high-profile sports figure.

Besides, I hope they keep Haynesworth and burnish his reputation. Buff him up to entice multiple draft picks for him. Washington needs multiple picks if they are going to rebuild (yes, I said it). After this weekend, multiple picks may be a pipe-dream. After this weekend, it’s also clear that the Redskins need Haynesworth on defense. Badly.

Whatever happens, I won’t respect Bruce Allen if he can’t extract something of value in trade for Haynesworth. That’s a tough assignment. GMs on other teams already believe the ‘Skins will cut him at the end of the season.

The Haynesworth melodrama must come to an end at the end of the season, whether Allen finds a trade partner or not.