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What’s missing for the Redskins in talk about Plaxico Burress, Vincent Jackson and DeSean Jackson?

Plaxico Burress

It’s buzz about their wish to join the Washington Redskins. That’s what.

There is talk that Plaxico Burress “badly” wants to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. Jason LaCanfora reports that the Philadelphia Eagles will franchise DeSean Jackson and shop him around. The two sides are thought to be far apart on talks to extend his contract.

Vincent Jackson has always topped ‘Skins fans wish list for wide receivers. The San Diego Chargers have said they would not apply the franchise tag to Jackson who would be free to sign any deal that the Redskins offer to overpay him. Now comes word that Jackson hopes to remain a Charger after all. Jackson is waiting for a contract offer from the team that might be using reverse psychology on him.

Chad Ochocinco is changing his name back to Chad Johnson to give his intended wife a proper surname. The shame of Ochocinco’s 2011 performance taints the name. With two years left on his contract, Johnson isn’t actually a free agent.  But the New England Patriots might release him after his 15 receptions in 15 games production.

The Redskins once offered two first-round Draft picks for Chad. Fortunately, Bengals owner Mike Brown was too stubborn to accept the offer.

Both Ocho-Johnson and free agent Deion Branch underperformed for the Patriots. I doubt that even the receiver-challenged Redskins will have much interest in the pair.

There is the remotest chance that Washington could land Brandon Lloyd (Relax. I’m kidding.) BLloyd’s recent success is singularly tied to Josh McDaniels, the only coach to max his performance in the pros. McDaniels has returned to the Patriots who need a better wide receiver option than Johnson.

Lloyd has no place in Washington, but grab him for your fantasy team if he’s going to catch passes from Tom Brady.

The Colts Pierre Garcon and Anthony Gonzalez are unrestricted free agents. Talent like that could entice Peyton Manning to stay with the Colts (Oh wait, that’s not his call), or follow where ever they go.

The Vikings’ Devin Aromashodu is a deep threat of modest potential. A prospective team must balance his 18-yards-per-catch average with his 31 percent reception ratio. That’s too low even when factoring the low odds to catch deep balls. Sixty percent is the performance standard.

Aromashodu caught seven touchdown passes last season. No one on the Redskins caught seven touchdowns. Jabar Gaffney caught five.

None of these players express a burning desire to join Washington. Uncertainty at quarterback is the reason. One of the arguments for signing Peyton Manning is that top wide receivers would flock to the Redskins to play with him. That would be true where ever Manning goes.

If the objective is to attract a receiver who can make even Rex Grossman look good, then save the Manning money and throw it directly at the receiver of your heart’s desire.