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What’s more important, what the Redskins will trade for Robert Griffin III, or how fast he ran at the NFL Combine?

RG3 as a Redskin

I am having the most fun following overblown stories about Robert Griffin III since…last year’s NFL Combine when we followed overblown stories about Cam Newton.

If the Washington Redskins don’t land Robert Griffin III, then I can’t wait until next season when we do this again with Matt Barkley and Denard Robinson.

For now, Redskins fans can over-focus on the third version of Griffin. The NFL gushed at how fast he ran at the NFL Combine. Who cares? He’s a quarterback. Quarterback mobility is a great quality. Nothing flummoxes a defense like a running quarterback, but only if it’s not a big feature of an offense like it was for Atlanta in Michael Vick’s younger days. It’s the threat of running that freezes defenses.

The big question for Redskins’ fans is what is the team willing to give up for a shot at Griffin?

The WaPOST’s Mike Jones has people who are whispering, “The Redskins, according to people familiar with their thinking, are willing to trade this year’s sixth overall pick and next year’s top pick – as well as two others in the range demanded by St. Louis.”

NFL.com picked up the story to point out that, “The St. Louis Post-Dispatch also reported Tuesday the Rams have had very preliminary discussions with the Cleveland Browns (pick No. 4 overall), the Miami Dolphins (No. 8) and the Redskins, in addition to a couple of other teams outside of the top 10.”

These stories broke one day after CSN Washington reported that the Cleveland Browns (supposedly) weren’t very interested in RG3.

Riight! Let me give you a tip. In the offseason, everyone in the NFL is a lying liar who lies.

When you are analytical, like your Hog Heaven writers, this is offseason gold. The game between the seasons is near as much fun as the real thing, but it can be confusing.

Shane Clemmons at the This Given Sunday blog wonders, how much is too much to offer for RG3? Will Horton at the same site reports that the Rams are getting fabulous offers for their No. 2 spot. (See the paragraph above.)

Here’s what fans need to understand, it’s in the Rams’ best interest to talk up more interest in their spot than likely exists. It’s in the Redskins’, Browns, Dolphins’ and Jets’ best interest to declare less interest than they really feel. The dynamic is fascinating. You get a glimpse of it in the four-part series, Chasing Robert Griffin III that appeared on This Given Sunday a few weeks back.

Part 1 – What would Miami offer for the #2 pick?

Part 2 – Will the Redskins make an offer for the #2 pick?,

Part 3 – What would Cleveland offer for the #2 pick?,

Part 4 – The Redskins offer by the draft chart.

This Given Sunday yesterday presented six scenarios that could get Mike Shanahan fired at the end of the season. Reason No. 1 was failure to pursue Griffin the Third.

Point after

The image that accompanies this story shows RG3 in a Redskins uniform and it is trending in the Redskins’ Twitterverse. A version of the same image shows Griffin in a Browns uniform. Griffin would be the best possible outcome for Washington fans. I think it’s unlikely to happen, but will save the reasons for some future post.

The Washington Griffin image shows him in jersey No. 11. He wore No. 10 in Baylor. Eleven was Mark Rypien’s number. Ryp thinks the Redskins are not serious about the playoffs unless they sign Peyton Manning. Too funny.