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Which NFC BEast team won the 2011 Draft? The Cowboys
Photo: Cowboys first round Draft pick, Tyron Smith, T

And it isn’t even close.

You read it all the time. One cannot evaluate an NFL Draft Class for three years after the Draft year. It’s rare that anyone does that. It’s more fun to look ahead. We get it. Pundits can look ahead without being called wrong. Media can troll for eyeballs when real NFL news is slow.

But we are analytics here at Redskins Hog Heaven and sorta cannot help ourselves. So we are looking back at the Class of 2011 to figure out which of our BEast rivals won the Draft.

This is also a fan blog. We know readers do not want to get too deep into numbers. So Hog Heaven ranks teams by the number of games started by players drafted that year. In theory, the more starts (we are not tracking game appearances), the better that group of players.

With fingers crossed, Hog Heaven presents this Infographic. Here goes nothin’.