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Who were those guys wearing Redskins uniforms in Pittsburgh?

I'm speechless. You can reduce to a tweet whatever that was the Washington Redskins did in Pittsburgh. Lets go with one by John Keim.


The Redskins matched the Steelers' ugly uniform with an ugly performance of their own. I'd love to hear the explanation for those drops. I blame the equipment manager for leaving the hands at Redskins Park..

If you insist on a game recap, hop over to ESPN.com – Steelers contain RG3, ease by Redskins.

Meanwhile, Hog Heaven sits here in a snit contemplating two cosmic questions of the universe.

Why are the Redskins 3-5 when the Vikings are 5-3 and the Dolphins and Colts are 4-3? Oh yeah, those teams have defense.

Has the NFL caught on to the RG3Skins? We are at the season midpoint – just about the time when defensive coordinators figure out offenses they have not seen before.

I figured the Redskins for seven or eight wins this year. Washington has to go .500 in its remaining games for that to come true. It's doable, but only if the rest of the team executes to the standard set by Griffin the Great.

Only Alfred Morris has done that on offense.  Ryan Kerrigan is holding up on defense, but now draws attention that would have gone to Brian Orakpo. That means Rob Jackson must beat his man to become a more disruptive force. DeAngelo Hall should have learned by now that giving in to emotion is not an actual leadership trait.

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