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Whoda Thunk It? Redskins Over Packers 16-13

Woop! The Washington Redskins beat the Green Bay Packers. This is no time to nitpick. It’s time to celebrate.

We’ll have more of our Redskins Hog Heaven thoughtful analysis early this week. For now, here are a few first impressions.

There are real concerns about the offensive line once you get past the starters. You knew that already. The line held up, um, ok, in the few plays when both Trent Williams and Jammal Brown were out. It worked for today, but could have been worse. Please don’t make me watch that again.

The Redskins offense looked a lot better with Packers linebacker Clay Matthews out of the game. One “gets” the 3-4 defense by watching the Packers. The Packers defensive linemen pushed the Redskins linemen around far too much, giving Matthews shots at McNabb and the backfield. The Redskins’ 3-4 did pretty much the same to the Packers; four sacks.

Is there anything Lorenzo Alexander can’t do? Next time I buy a Redskins jersey, it’s going to be an Alexander.

Phillip Daniels got a sack. I follow Daniels on Twitter and on Facebook. He’s become my favorite Redskins because he shares so much. No, I don’t know him, but I know, and like, a lot about him. Excuse me while I go leave a message on his fb page.

We are witnessing the last ride of the Gibbs-Cerrato gang on offense. Think about the players who’ve left the team, as recently as Saturday, and who touched the ball today, especially the young guys: Armstrong, Torain, Williams. G Derrick Dockery was inactive this game. Defense is a different story. What would the defense be without LaRon Landry and Brian Orakpo. Do notice that they are both draft picks and both young.

I’m loving this. Shanahan puts the guys who practice best on the field on Sunday. Draft round and contracts be damned. Isn’t it always like that? Um, no.

Now I get it. The Redskins were showcasing Devin Thomas as a return specialist to draw a trade. Guess there was no point  to keeping him when that didn’t work.

Fans will be very patient with McNabb as long as he keeps throwing deep. Fans love the deep ball.

What would this coaching staff thought of Marcus Mason?

The defense may still be on a learning curve, but they hit hard. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion in overtime. Can opposing quarterbacks survive the ‘Skins? The Manning brothers want to know.

I have the sense that the Beast team that takes the division will be the one with the best division record and the best record against the NFC North. The Packers beat the Eagles in Week One by exposing Philly’s offensive line. The Pack dominated the ‘Skins line at points, but not nearly so much.

The Giants had their way with the Bears who beat the Cowboys. The Lions did not lay down with the Rams today. They crushed them 44-6. Beating the Lions is no certainty. The ‘Skins are a leg up by beating the Packers who were ranked No. 4 on the Bloguin NFL Power Poll. That’s almost as good as being 2-0 against the Beast.

The ‘Skins and the Pack have identical records at 3-2, but the Redskins hold the tie-breaker advantage for a wildcard spot.

Tomorrow, we’ll think about what could have been better. Today, there’s just one thing to say.