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Why Brian Orakpo is not a leader of the Redskins

Here's why a Washington fan favorite may not be worth the money he is asking.

OLB Brian Orakpo, Washington Redskins

I wrote recently about the team leadership and its bright future as a result.

Those leaders; RG3, Alfred Morris and London Fletcher; with a particular emphasis on the first two – have the "it" factor.

Which brings us to Brian Orakpo.

Orakpo has announced that he intends to be the comeback player and the defensive player of the year.  He also boasted about keeping primarily to his trademark "bull rush" move, etc.

A recent video of last year's defensive player of the year, JJ Watt, just came out highlighting his freakish abilities.


As big a physical freak of nature that Orakpo is, Watt is even more of one.  Orakpo is sticking to his same single move pass rush which all the top tackles can counter while Watt has an array of moves that he has taken the time to patiently perfect.   Orakpo's solution is to do his same move with even more intensity.  That is make every play "like it's the NFC Championship game."

Orakpo's intention to base his game on his strong bench press ability given his two chest injuries is simply ridiculous.  Isn't there a Redskins coach with the guts to tell him what a mistake he is making?

Let me call it now  if Orakpo does not add quality rushing moves beyond a bull rush and does not adapt his hyper-extended straight arm tackling style, his chest is probably headed for trouble.  He certainly will never be a truly elite player with his attitude.

But most of all, he is not learning from the example of the great leaders on his team.  RG3 doesn't say "I'm going to be Rookie of the Year."  He says "vote for Alfred Morris!"

I think the difference between Orakpo and the new leadership is summed up in a saying from The Sayings of the Fathers:  

"He who runs after honor, honor runs away from him.  He who runs away from honor, honor runs after him."

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