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With Brandon Meriweather in the Redskins’ fold, LaRon Landry may out in the cold

Brandon MeriweatherFormer Bears-Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather reached agreement to join the Washington Redskins this afternoon. The two sides agreed to a two-year, $6 million deal according to a story in The Insider.

Meriweather is a two time Pro Bowler with the Patriots, but struggled in the Bears’ defensive scheme where his struggles vaguely resembled Adam Archuleta’s struggle in Washington in 2006.

Archuleta was a renowned hitter in the Rams defensive backfield. He joined the Redskins just when Gregg Williams converted to the Tampa-2 coverage scheme. Archuleta was so out of place in that scheme that he lost his starting position before the season began. He played because of a freak knee injury to Pierson Prioleau in the first game.

Matt Bowen played safety on that team. He said on the LaVar Arrington – Chad Dukes radio show that Meriweather struggled as a free safety in Chicago’s Tampa-2 defense.



But, Washington needs both free and strong safety after releasing Oshiomogho Atogwe and allowing LaRon Landry to test the free agent market.

We hope that the Redskins have a good institutional memory about expecting square pegs to cover round holes and figure out how to get the most from Mr. Meriweather through the scheme.

Meanwhile, Brett Solesky, my Bloguin colleague who cover the Chicago Bears for the Misway Illustrated blog, writes that Da Bears could be targeting LaRon Landry who they see as an upgrade over Meriweather.

More proof that it’s a small world and a round one. 

Looking for LaRonLaRon Landry

Fans would like to see LaRon Landry’s return both for his talent and for sentiment. You like to see your team take care of their own. Landry is a living link to Sean Taylor’s memory.

Taylor is beloved by fans. Joe Gibbs drafted Landry specifically to pair him with Taylor to get more coverage sacks, or as Gibbs put it, make the quarterback hold the ball longer.

We could see the potential at points in the 2007 season, not that it helped in the 52-7 whuppin’ the Pats laid on the ‘Skins that year. Taylor lived 30 days after that game. It is impossible for Redskins fans to see Landry without linking him to Taylor.

Meriwether was a Patriots’ rookie in 2007. Today’s signing possibly reunites him with Pats teammates Jabar Gaffney and Donte Stallworth. One would think that Tuesday’s signing of Pierre Garcon and Joshua Morgan says something about Gaffney’s and especially Stallworth’s future in Washington.

Meanwhile, Landry is a big name on the safety free agent market and some fans wonder why he isn’t drawing much play from the Redskins and other safety-hungry teams. Dan Graziano, ESPN’s NFC East blogger, wonders why people wonder. Let’s talk about LaRon Landry, he writes and says, “Landry is an injured player, folks. And if there’s an early market for his services, it’s because some team is willing to take a very big risk.”

Graziano tells Redskins fans it’s time to say good-bye to Landry.

I suspect that Landry received Washington’s offer and is beating the bushes to beat it. Peyton Manning had four neck surgeries. Four teams are competing for his services. Teams understand the type of surgery performed on Manning. Landry declined the surgery recommended to repair his Achilles tendon. He is beating the bushes for an opportunity because teams do not understand that decision.

End of story.