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With the second pick of the first NFL Draft, the Boston Redskins select…

Riley Smith, Back, Alabama

Players selected by the Boston Redskins in the inaugural 1936 NFL Draft

Round Name Position College Pro Career
1, #2 Riley Smith B Alabama 1936-1938
2, #11 Keith Topping E Stanford Did not play
3, #20 Ed Smith B NYU 1936 Redskins, 1937 Packers
4, #29 Paul Tangora G Northwestern Did not play
5, #38 Wilson Groseclose T TCU Did not play
6, #47 Larry Lutz T California Did not play
7, #56 Don Irwin B Colgate 1936 Syracuse/Rochester Braves (AFL), New York Yankees (AFL), Boston Shamrocks (AFL),

1937-1939 Washington Redskins

8, #65 Wayne Millner E Notre Dame 1936-1941, 1945 Boston/Washington Redskins,

1942-1945 United States Navy,

1968 Pro Football Hall of Fame

9, #74 Marcel Saunders G Loyola (LA) Did not play

First-round draft pick Riley Smith was a two-way player. Everyone was in football’s early days. He played quarterback, linebacker, punter and kicker for Ray Flaherty’s 1936 championship runner-up team. The Redskins selected Sammy Baugh in the ’37 Draft. That ended Smith’s run as quarterback, but he started 27 of 39 games for the ‘Skins before an injury ended his career.

He is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame.

Wayne Millner was the class of the Redskins’ 1936 Draft. He was Sammy Baugh’s favorite passing target. The two are remembered for spectacular plays. He was a two-time All-Pro, but Baugh and Cliff Battles drew more publicity.

Millner was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame with Battles in 1968.

Don Irwin played fullback and started 14 of 20 games in 1937-’38. He has six career touchdowns.

Ed Smith started four of eight games for the 1936 Boston Redskins.

Good times.

Hat tip to Ken Crippen whose story on NationalFootballPost.com about the first NFL Draft inspired this post.