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With their first round pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select …

… Robert Griffin III.


Of course, RGIII joined the Redskins last year as the result of Mike Shanahan and Daniel Snyder's bold move to trade up for him. Washington traded its first round 2013 pick to St. Louis. We have a passing curiosity in what the Rams do with that pick, but when Roger Goodell announces their selection every Redskins fan will hear "the Washington Redskins select Robert Griffin III" and feel the chill all over again.

That's all the excuse I need to rebroadcast this 2012 Hog Heaven video taken at FedEx Field when Mike Shanahan selected the savior of Redskins football. (Excuse me while I cheer.) 

The Redskins moved up from their No. 6 pick in 2012 to the Rams No. 2 pick. They packaged their second round pick and the first round picks in 2013 and 2014 in the deal.

The move paid off so well that the 'Skins' first round pick fell in value to the 22nd overall in this year's draft. If Washington improves more, that 2014 first round pick could be even lower, say the 25th overall pick. That would make RGIII even more of a bargain. How is that possible?

Lets do some trade value math here using a standard Draft Value Chart. For purpose of this exercise, we'll discount the point values by 25 percent for a Draft one year away and by 50 percent for a Draft two years away. We'll be optimists and say that Washington's (Rams') first pick in the '14 Draft will be the 25th overall.

Year Rams Redskins
2012, 1st 2600 1600
2012 2nd   520
2013 1st, 22nd (75%)   585
2014 1st, 25th (50%)   360
Total Point Value 2600 3065

In this analysis, the Redskins gave up the equivalent value of the 32nd, or 33rd overall pick in 2013 and today's equivalent of a second round, 53rd overall, pick in 2014.

The actual value of those picks gets real on Draft Day of the year in question. That 22nd pick today is real enough to the Rams.  But, it's not worth as much to the Redskins when exchanged for a legitimate franchise quarterback on the roster. No one the Rams select will be as much a sure thing as Griffin was.

Andrew Luck and Griffin III were once-in-a-lifetime sure things. You would not strike such a bargain for any of the quarterbacks in this year's Draft. The better the Redskins with Griffin perform, the less value those traded away picks are to Washington … and the more expensive Griffin becomes to the team.

Holy Moly, the Redskins have to start negotiating a contract extension with Griffin after the 2014 Draft. His contract will be in the neighborhood of $150,000,000.00. Don't dare let this kid hit free agency after 2015. How are the Redskins going to do that and keep Alfred Morris, too?

I don't know, but someone on Hog Heaven will tell you.


2013 NFL Draft Schedule

Live at Radio City Music Hall, Manhattan, New York, New York
Thursday, 8:00 PM ET, Round One
Friday, 6:30 PM ET, Rounds Two and Three
Saturday, Noon ET, Rounds Four through Seven

Broadcast, ESPN, NFL Network, Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 88

Redskins Draft Party

The Redskins are holding their annual Draft Party at FedEx Field, Landover, Maryland on Saturday, April 27, 2013. It's free, but they do want to know you are coming so they can sell you stuff. If you are a Redskins fan, you don't mind that sort of thing. It's as close as most of us will get to players. I just bet that the second and third round selectees will be there too.

Order your tickets online here.

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