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Would Obama say that to the Blackhawks? And another app reminder

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I wished obama would fix the nation ,before he tries to change a team name.

As an African-American, Democratic-leaning Redskins fan, me too.

It's been noted that the president did not raise the issue. He answered a question. He tried to give a thoughtful answer, by which I mean he spoke out of both sides of his mouth.

Obama paid homage to Redskins fans for their our loyalty to the team and tradition. He respected that some people are offended and allowed that a business owner should consider that sort of thing.

He did NOT say the Redskins MUST drop the name, as headlines implied. He is no different than Roger Goodell in that respect.

His attempt to appease both sides of the argument is in the best tradition of politics. I don't hold him responsible for the headlines that followed his comment. The prez was thinking out loud about a question he did not expect to be asked. (I can't wait for him to say the same thing about his home town Blackhawks.)

The best answer for any elected official is to simply say governments do not make business decisions for private companies unless it involves health, safety and work conditions.

Lost my subscrip…

The old "Hog Heaven" app is retired.

Uninstall that app. Use the browser on your smartphone or tablet to go to the Redskins Hog Heaven web page. A pop-up will ask if you wish to subscribe. If you agree, the new app will install on your device and you will be burgundy & golden.

I notice a recent name change for that app in my Android phone.  The app is now called ROOST. It was named Alert Rocket. The app is the same but is enhanced with the option to receive updates as text. That's a useful feature for anyone wishing to manage the data volume downloaded to their phone.

Hog Heaven did not receive warning that the old app would die, so we could not warn anyone. These messages come to us without any way to respond to the sender. This is our only way to speak with you. I am sorry for the inconvenience.