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Report: Air Force football players involved in sexual abuse, drug use

The United States Air Force Academy’s athletic department will be investigated by an Inspector General regarding allegations surrounding drug use and sexual abuse.

A recent report by the Colorado Springs Gazette alleges numerous honor code violations were committed by members of the Air Force football team in the past.

Among them is the allegation of “roofies” use. The report mentions one specific party which took place on Dec. 2, 2011—wherein various players allegedly produced a special handle of rum that was laced with date-rape drugs.

“The girls’ drink, or Captain Morgan with the blue lid, was only for girls to drink,” [Office of Special Investigations] confidential informant cadet Eric Thomas told investigators in a written statement obtained by The Gazette. The blue-capped bottle, he explained, was laced with “roofies,” a street term for flunitrazepam, a powerful sedative known as a date-rape drug.

Thomas told investigators that “four or five females did not recall what occurred the following day after the party.”

In one bedroom during the party, “multiple male cadets had sexual intercourse with other unknown females,” Thomas alleged.

The university had reportedly been investigating its football program even before the report surfaced. Its Office of Special Investigations ran a dragnet that probed the activities of 32 cadets (including 16 football players, as well as other athletes) and uncovered questionable conduct. There was also a sting operation in the works in January 2012, but it was cancelled because of issues regarding preventing women from being raped.

The Gazette’s report also mentions synthetic marijuana use and academic misconduct.

While we don’t know exactly what happened as of yet, this will likely be an interesting story to follow in the future as more facts are uncovered.

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